A space, original in its conception, for your events

Weddings, parties, concerts, shows, trade fairs

ALT provides a space that is original in conception, a unique structure of a surface area of 3,500 sq. m. The space provides a striking backdrop for events of all kinds. With its large halls, stone and cement vaults, modern architectural additions, and industrial archaeology features and artworks, this location is sure to impress a wide cross-section of the public.

The relentless dialogues between environments, paintings and installations generates a special atmosphere that is conducive to various activities: weddings, truly unique parties, photo shooting sessions (fashion, industrial products, cars etc.), concerts(all musical genres), theatrical productions before seated or itinerant audiences, dinners (corporate events), benefit gala dinners and other events, fashion shows, trade fairs and conferences.

ALT contributes an artistic touch, and a touch of history, to all events, thanks to the structure and the care that has gone into the details, and the beauty of the artworks hosted in these spaces. Whether you dine here, just enjoy the place as such, work here or view the performances, the setting makes for an unrepeatable experience, an experience bound to leave its mark and linger on your memory!

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