Museum and space for contemporary art

Storytelling and investigating the present

Balla, Duchamp, Pistoletto, Abramovich, Cattelan, Boetti… these are just a few of the artists whose works are to be found in the ALT space – an atypical museum of contemporary art, the aim of which is to provide ever-new vistas over expression today, and its idioms and avant-garde movements. The 3,500 sq. m. of this former works, once belonging to Italcementi, hosts more than 300 works (paintings and installations) spanning the entire twentieth century, with a special focus on Italian art from the 1970s to the present day.

The ability to enjoy the works as and when one wishes, with free admittance and guided tours, means visitors have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with this innovative and special venue, and to discover new facets of these premises on each occasion. Here, in mute silence, two visions interact: on the one hand, the mood of contemporariness, and on the other the atmospheres of the industrial nineteenth-century, pervading the building as a whole.

The collection is the outcome of Tullio Leggeri’s passionate interest in contemporary art. Leggeri not only loves these works, he also produced and created them. A friend of these artists, he placed his considerable resources at their disposal while providing this unique setting, restored by himself. The museum is a living organism, with outreach to all local creative activities. It looks to all forms of expression. The approach is lucid, sharp-eyed.