Contemporary art educational activities

For schools, children and adults

ALT aims to provide a pole of crucial importance for local cultural local activities. In response to its mission, ALT conducts and facilitates educational activities concerning contemporary art, to foster dissemination and enjoyment of contemporary art. It does so in a participatory, interactive, novel manner, by providing accounts of the works, their histories, and other information of interest.

ALT’s aim to bring art to schools and to bring schools to the museum. It wishes to build bridges, so that, in an informal and sociable context, children and adults can establish their own relations with contemporary forms of expression. Simply and directly.

Activities for schools and youngsters

Step-by-step approaches designed to tally with the curricula of (primary/secondary) schools
Specific step-by-step approaches to the (artistic, historical, social) themes dealt with in the works exhibited
Guided tours with workshops for the young and very young. These activities take place in the museum itself
Meetings in schools organised and followed by visits to the museum, where workshops will be held

Activities for adults and groups

Guided tours, also with the artists themselves
Step-by-step approaches, customized and including in-depth study of selected themes
Workshops and meetings held for the purposes of dissemination

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